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- `butthub-provider`: end-to-end acceptance testing with codecept:
## 2018-05-10
- `butthub-provider`: battled some end-to-end testing dragons:
- integrated the entire web app stack (api server, asset server, worker, and mailer) in the codecept process
- at the end of the tests, the process was hanging, who was still running?
- with some help from `why-is-node-running` and heaps of reading dependency internals, started the journey to find every remaining handle, gotta catch 'em all!
## 2018-05-11
- `butthub-provider`: won the end-to-end test war:
- cleaned up every last handle, so the test process cleanly exists meow
- which means continuous integration now includes end-to-end server + browser tests!
- travis gives us a running postgres and redis database
- `butthub-provider`: finish a boring dependency upgrade:
- `docker-up`:
- the plan was to add update for services, but along the way i realized many things were broken:
- - each resource uses a different identifier!
- `down` should check if resource exists before `remove`
- `up` returns output of inspect
- [generic resource creator]( now takes:
- `name`
- `hasUpdate`: true for `service`, false otherwise
- `idField`: network uses `Id, volume only has `Name`, service uses `ID`
- `docker-up`: add continuous integration tests:
- travis even gives us running docker to play with!