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JSON-RPC client library for the PeachCloud ecosystem.

peach-lib offers the ability to programmatically interact with the peach-network, peach-oled and peach-stats microservices.


The peach-lib crate bundles JSON-RPC client code for making requests to the three PeachCloud microservices which expose JSON-RPC servers (peach-network, peach-oled and peach-menu). The full list of available RPC APIs can be found in the READMEs of the respective microservices (peach-network, peach-oled, peach-menu), or in the developer documentation for PeachCloud.

The library also includes a custom error type, PeachError, which bundles the underlying error types into three variants: JsonRpcHttp, JsonRpcCore and Serde. When used as the returned error type in a Result function response, this allows convenient use of the ? operator (as illustrated in the example usage code below).


Define the dependency in your Cargo.toml file:

peach-lib = { git = "", branch = "main" }

Import the required client from the library:

use peach_lib::network_client;

Call one of the exposed methods:


Further example usage can be found in the peach-menu code (see src/