Open, interoperable, decentralised real-time communication – reference Matrix homeserver
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# Domain part of the bridge, e.g.
domain: "{{ env "HOMESERVER_DOMAIN" }}"
# This should be your publicly-facing URL because Discord may use it to
# fetch media from the media store.
homeserverUrl: "{{ env "HOMESERVER_URL" }}"
# The TCP port on which the appservice runs on.
port: 9005
# Interval at which to process users in the 'presence queue'. If you have
# 5 users, one user will be processed every 500 milliseconds according to the
# value below. This has a minimum value of 250.
# WARNING: This has a high chance of spamming the homeserver with presence
# updates since it will send one each time somebody changes state or is online.
presenceInterval: 500
# Disable setting presence for 'ghost users' which means Discord users on Matrix
# will not be shown as away or online.
disablePresence: false
# Disable sending typing notifications when somebody on Discord types.
disableTypingNotifications: false
# Disable deleting messages on Discord if a message is redacted on Matrix.
disableDeletionForwarding: false
# Disable portal bridging, where Matrix users can search for unbridged Discord
# rooms on their Matrix server.
disablePortalBridging: false
# Enable users to bridge rooms using !discord commands. See
# for instructions.
enableSelfServiceBridging: true
# Disable sending of read receipts for Matrix events which have been
# successfully bridged to Discord.
disableReadReceipts: false
# Disable Join Leave echos from matrix
disableJoinLeaveNotifications: false
# Disable Invite echos from matrix
disableInviteNotifications: false
# Auto-determine the language of code blocks (this can be CPU-intensive)
determineCodeLanguage: false
# MXID of an admin user that will be PMd if the bridge experiences problems. Optional
adminMxid: '{{ env "DISCORD_BRIDGE_ADMIN" }}'
# The message to send to the bridge admin if the Discord token is not valid
invalidTokenMessage: 'Your Discord bot token seems to be invalid, and the bridge cannot function. Please update it in your bridge settings and restart the bridge'
# Authentication configuration for the discord bot.
# This MUST be a string (wrapped in quotes)
clientID: "{{ env "DISCORD_CLIENT_ID" }}"
botToken: "{{ secret "discord_bot_token" }}"
# You must enable "Privileged Gateway Intents" in your bot settings on (e.g.
# for this to work
usePrivilegedIntents: false
# What level should the logger output to the console at.
console: "warn" #silly, verbose, info, http, warn, error, silent
lineDateFormat: "MMM-D HH:mm:ss.SSS" # This is in moment.js format
- file: "debug.log"
- "PresenceHandler" # Will not capture presence logging
- file: "warn.log" # Will capture warnings
level: "warn"
- file: "botlogs.log" # Will capture logs from DiscordBot
level: "info"
- "DiscordBot"
# You may either use SQLite or Postgresql for the bridge database, which contains
# important mappings for events and user puppeting configurations.
# Use the filename option for SQLite, or connString for Postgresql.
# If you are migrating, see
# WARNING: You will almost certainly be fine with sqlite unless your bridge
# is in heavy demand and you suffer from IO slowness.
connString: "postgres://discordbridge:{{ secret "discord_db_password" }}@discorddb/discordbridge"
# Set the default visibility of alias rooms, defaults to "public".
# One of: "public", "private"
defaultVisibility: "public"
# Pattern of the name given to bridged rooms.
# Can use :guild for the guild name and :name for the channel name.
namePattern: "[Discord] :guild :name"
# Changes made to rooms when a channel is deleted.
# Prefix the room name with a string.
#namePrefix: "[Deleted]"
# Prefix the room topic with a string.
#topicPrefix: "This room has been deleted"
# Disable people from talking in the room by raising the event PL to 50
disableMessaging: false
# Remove the discord alias from the room.
unsetRoomAlias: true
# Remove the room from the directory.
unlistFromDirectory: true
# Set the room to be unavailable for joining without an invite.
setInviteOnly: true
# Make all the discord users leave the room.
ghostsLeave: true
# Delay in milliseconds between discord users joining a room.
roomGhostJoinDelay: 6000
# Lock timeout in milliseconds before sending messages to discord to avoid
# echos. Default is rather high as the lock will most likely time out
# before anyways.
# echos = (Copies of a sent message may arrive from discord before we've
# fininished handling it, causing us to echo it back to the room)
discordSendDelay: 1500
# Set a maximum of rooms to be bridged.
# roomCount: 20
# Pattern for the ghosts nick, available is :nick, :username, :tag and :id
nickPattern: ":nick"
# Pattern for the ghosts username, available is :username, :tag and :id
usernamePattern: ":username#:tag"
# Prometheus-compatible metrics endpoint
enable: false
port: 9001
host: ""