Co-op Cloud

Public interest infrastructure. An alternative to corporate clouds built by tech co-ops. See organising for status.

The Co-operative Internet

The Co-op Cloud command-line utility belt 🎩🐇

Updated 2 days ago

Documentation for the Co-op Cloud project

Updated 5 days ago

A painless self-hosted Git service

Updated 1 week ago

Edge router that makes publishing your services a fun and easy experience

Updated 3 days ago

The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia

Updated 2 weeks ago

Open source identity and access management

Updated 2 months ago

Wiki and knowledge base for growing teams

Updated 1 month ago

Nextcloud Server, a safe home for all your data

Updated 3 weeks ago

Realtime collaborative markdown notes on all platforms

Updated 4 months ago

The default recipe template

Updated 4 months ago

A supported fork of Mastodon that provides local posting and a wider range of content types.

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 4 months ago

The Docker toolset to pack, ship, store, and deliver content

Updated 1 year ago

A platform for community discussion.

Updated 2 months ago