A fork of https://github.com/Kuska-ssb/ssb for PeachCloud development
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Secure Scuttlebutt library

kuska means together in Runasimi

kuska is an implementation of decentralized social network Secure Scuttlebutt written in rust, it does not aim to provide a user interface and the functionality implemented in some clients like Patchwork, Patchbay, but the full set of libraries to be able to develop applications for the secure scuttlebut network.

kuska-ssb is the implementation of protocols involved in ssb (unless the the handhake and box stream that are in the ssb-handshake repo ), detailed information about the protocol can be found in https://ssbc.github.io/scuttlebutt-protocol-guide/ and https://scuttlebot.io/apis/scuttlebot/ssb.html