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# Contributor License Agreement
to contribute to ButtCloud, you must first sign a Contributor License Agreeement.
## why?
@ahdinosaur, the steward of ButtCloud, is committed to open source, at the moment all the code is licensed under the AGPL-3.0 copyleft licence.
but we don't the ButtCloud project to be locked in to a legacy license, when promising new licenses such as a [License Zero]( explore new legal territories, where we may in the future want to move to a peer production, copyfarleft, or reciprocity license.
a Contributor License Agreement, as implemented here, allows contributors to grant a broad license to @ahdinosaur, the steward of ButtCloud.
## how?
once you contribute something significant, @ahdinosaur will contact you and setup a digital signature process using [HelloSign](
the document to sign is [this Individual Contributor License Agreement](
after you sign, the document will be uploaded to a [drive]( for safe storage.