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@ -251,4 +251,21 @@ gotta work with @Mischa on another contract meow, then Art~Hack!
- `hasUpdate`: true for `service`, false otherwise
- `idField`: network uses `Id, volume only has `Name`, service uses `ID`
- `docker-up`: add continuous integration tests: :white_check_mark:
- travis even gives us running docker to play with!
- travis even gives us running docker to play with!
## 2018-05-15 - 2018-06-09
- am starting to finally understand some advanced fp (functional programming) concepts like monads
- `docker-up`: investigate using `sanctuary`
- `docker-up`: port code to use `ramda`, `folktale`, `folktale-validations`, and `fluture`
- `docker-up`: re-architect how everything works
- given next config, translate into docker api config
- fetch all current docker api config
- diff docker api current and next configs
- show diff to sysadmin
- if acceptable, translate the diff into docker api commands and run those
- rename `docker-up` to `gyne`
- rename ButtCloud to PeachCloud
- get example swarm working across 3 virtual machines using `docker-machine` and `gyne`