Developer documentation for PeachCloud in the form of a Markdown book.
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Developer documentation for PeachCloud in the form of a Markdown book.

Read online here >> 📖

PeachCloud physical interface



  • mdBook (release binaries or cargo install)
$ git clone
$ cd peach-devdocs
$ mdbook serve

This serves the current state of the book at localhost:3000. When changes to any files are saved, the browser view will automatically refresh to reflect the new state.


  • this assumes mdbook is in your PATH
    • the command for adding the default cargo bin directory is export PATH=$PATH:~/.cargo/bin.
    • if you downloaded the prebuilt binary then make sure the directory is in your PATH

Build a release

$ mdbook serve

This builds the book into a static release ready for publishing. Currently outputs to book/ directory.


The PeachCloud developer documentation book is hosted at using a simple Nginx deployment on a virtual server. HTTPS configuration is pending.

This tutorial from Digital Ocean describes the deployment process: How To Set Up Nginx Server Blocks (Virtual Hosts) on Ubuntu 16.04.

Production Deployment

Deployment of the documentation book to production is automated using Git Hooks. Refer to the document for setup and usage instructions.