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Build Status

Docker configuration for the Adapt Authoring tool: create SCORM-compatible training.

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Getting started

Because Adapt requires a database to run, the easiest way to get started is to use docker-compose to set up Adapt and MongoDB automatically.

Fetch the example docker-compose.yml:


Edit the variables under, then push the button!

docker-compose up


Environment variables

You can configure Adapt's initial set-up using these variables:

  • DOMAIN - hostname for the Adapt service
  • PORT (default 5000) - TCP port for the Adapt service
  • DB_HOST - MongoDB server hostname
  • DB_USER - MongoDB username
  • DB_NAME - MongoDB database name
  • SESSION_SECRET - HTTP session secret key (set to something random)
  • ADMIN_EMAIL - email address for the default superuser account
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD - password for the default superuser account
  • FROM_EMAIL - From: email address for notifications

(If you edit these settings after set-up, you'll need to manually edit /adapt_authoring/conf/config.json with the new values as well)

Docker secrets

As well as environment variables, you can also load SESSION_SECRET and ADMIN_PASSWORD from files, which is helpful if you want to keep secret data in Docker swarm mode secrets.


Clean Up

To remove containers

docker-compose down

To remove data (courses)

This will delete your hard work.

docker volume rm dockeradaptauthoring_adaptdb
docker volume rm dockeradaptauthoring_adaptdata


Create local archives of both the adapt_authoring folder and database:

 docker run -it -w /backup -v dockeradaptauthoring_adaptdb:/adaptdb \
   -v $(pwd)/backup:/backup dockeradaptauthoring_authoring \
   bash -c "tar -czvf adaptdata_`date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S"`.tar.gz /adapt_authoring && tar -czvf adaptdb_`date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S"`.tar.gz /adaptdb"


Docker Swarm

See coop-cloud/adapt_authoring for an example Docker "swarm mode" configuration, including secrets, SSL reverse proxy, and continuous integration tests of the stack deployment.


  • If you run the installer script many times in quick succession, you might get rate-limited by Github (the script checks Github for the latest Adapt Authoring version, and to clone the Authoring Framework and plug-ins). Wait an hour, or use a VPN.
  • node upgrade doesn't work, because code is downloaded as a ZIP archive instead of using a git clone