Hetzner provisioner plugin for abra
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Build Status

Hetzner plugin for abra. See abra for more.

The script can be run on its own like so.

$ ./abra-hetzner my-new-vps cx11 debian-10 --ssh-keys foo@example.com

It assumes a $ABRA_DIR/vendor/jq binary installation of jq.


You can read the Hetzner Cloud API docs (e.g. locations endpoint).

Then you can make requests and see what comes out. These values can then fed into this plugin as configurables.

$ export HETZNER_API_TOKEN=<hetzner-api-token>
$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $HETZNER_API_TOKEN" 'https://api.hetzner.cloud/v1/locations' | jq '.locations | .[] | .name'`