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A coop-cloud recipe for deploying Bonfire

  • Category: Apps
  • Status: 1, alpha
  • Image: bonfirenetworks/bonfire, 4, upstream
  • Healthcheck:
  • Backups:
  • Email:
  • Tests:
  • SSO:

Basic usage

  1. Install abra on your computer
  2. Prepare your server with abra server add
  3. Deploy the coop-cloud/traefik proxy if you haven't already
  4. abra app new --secrets bonfire
  5. abra app config to check and edit the config (there are comments to explain the different options)
  6. abra app deploy
  7. Open the configured domain in your browser and sign up!


abra app deploy --force


The app isn't starting

On the server, try this command to see what services are starting or not: docker service ls and this one to debug why one isn't starting: docker service ps $container_name

How can I get to the app's Elixir console?

abra app run app bin/bonfire remote