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A supported fork of Mastodon that provides local posting and a wider range of content types.

The configuration aims to stay as close as possible to coop-cloud/mastodon. At some point, ideally, we could merge them. We don't have enough folks running both Mastodon & Hometown to understand if that is a good idea right now. To be discussed.

  • Category: Apps
  • Status: 1
  • Image: hometown, 1, Co-op Cloud custom image
  • Healthcheck: No
  • Backups: No
  • Email: Yes
  • Tests: No
  • SSO: Yes

Basic usage

See the coop-cloud/mastodon README.md.

Watch out in case the Mastodon recipe latest is not the same as the Hometown latest version! You can switch back to a compatible tag on the Mastodon recipe to compare docs, config etc. just to be sure.

Tips & Tricks

See the coop-cloud/mastodon README.md.

Please only gather tips & tricks that are specific to Hometown here.