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Extensible environment for interactive and reproducible computing

  • Category: Utilities
  • Status: 1
  • Image: n8nio/n8n, 4, upstream
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  • SSO: No

Basic usage

  1. Set up Docker Swarm and abra
  2. Deploy coop-cloud/traefik
  3. abra app new ${REPO_NAME} --secrets (optionally with --pass if you'd like to save secrets in pass)
  4. abra app config YOURAPPDOMAIN - be sure to change $DOMAIN to something that resolves to your Docker swarm box
  5. abra app deploy YOURAPPDOMAIN
  6. Open the configured domain in your browser to finish set-up

Currently, you have to manually run a command to generate an initial configuration (see #1):

abra app run YOURAPPDOMAIN app jupyter notebook --generate-config

And then run this command to get a token for initial login:

abra app run YOURAPPDOMAIN app jupyter notebook list

You can enter this token at the bottom of the login page to set a password instead (see #2).