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3wc e5e3eb34f1 Goodbye, emojis! 😢 7 days ago
decentral1se 384ca89f75
Use new image namespace 5 months ago
decentral1se 2da24463d0
Remove trigger, we make the tags [ci skip] 6 months ago
decentral1se 9f05009b9e
Fix bad name in batch update script [ci skip] 6 months ago
decentral1se fb8e6d7ca8
Add release logic to CI [ci skip] 6 months ago
3wc 29217c0c02 Version znc-1.8.2; sync labels 8 months ago
3wc 79c25e7b37 Pin docker image tag 8 months ago
3wc 1b57bc7eec Add image status 8 months ago
3wc 1509a2c54b Initial working image 8 months ago
Co-op Cloud 6849d4c411 Initial commit 8 months ago