SSH as a publishing interface
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SSH as a publishing interface 🎉

ssh-warm-welcome serves a TUI for reading markdown documents via a built-in SSH server. In the context of a pubnix or femserver it can be a convenient way to publish documentation to a general public via the terminal instead of the browser. It's designed to be easy to use for beginners: no user accounts or SSH keys are required, simply use your standard /usr/bin/ssh command to connect & start reading.

Here's a little demo video:


Download ssh-warm-welcome like so.

(only x86_64 is available right now but we can build more if you need it)

curl -o sshww
chmod +x sshww

Write your warm welcome home page in markdown:

mkdir -p warm-welcome
echo "# hello, world!\n\nwelcome, welcome" > warm-welcome/

Then turn on the built-in SSH server:

2022/04/03 00:11:39 warm welcome waiting on port :1312

And from another terminal, connect with your SSH client:

ssh -p 1312 localhost

That's it!


  • sshww reads markdown files from a folder named warm-welcome in the current working directory. Any file it finds there will be included as a menu item in the warm welcome environment. is the only required file, everything else is optional. Up to 10 markdown files are supported.