Personal website.
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glyph's website

Handwritten CSS and HTML, images, an HTML splicer and an RSS generator.



An opinionated, custom-built HTML splicer. It reads HTML templates, splices them into a base template and writes the output.

Templates are expected at ./templates and output is written to ./site. The ./site directory will be created if it doesn't exist.

A base template is expected at ./templates/base.html. It must contain two tags: [[ title ]] and [[ content ]].

The root index template is expected at ./templates/index.html. All other templates are expected to be in sub-directories; for example: ./templates/plants/index.html or ./templates/fungi/entomopathogens.html.

The splicer crawls the sub-directories of ./templates, reads each HTML file, splices it into the [[ content ]] tag of the base HTML template and writes the output to the ./site directory (preserving the sub-directory structure). The contents of the <h2> element are spliced into the [[ title ]] tag of the base HTML template for each sub-directory template.

RSS Generator


A custom RSS generator. It crawls the template sub-directories containing articles for syndication, extracts relevant information and writes the items to ./static/feed.rss.