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Federated Wiki - Security Plug-in: Passport

This security plug-in is written as a replacement for the Mozilla Persona plugin (wiki-security-persona). A replacement is required because the Mozilla Persona service is closing on 30th November 2016.

To allow an orderly migration of wiki site ownership this plug-in makes use of the Mozilla Persona plug-in for Passport. This is only presented as a login option on those wiki sites that have already been claimed using Mozilla Persona. When you login with Mozilla Persona there will be a link that allows you to add an alternative identity from those the site owner has configured.

In this release we make use of Passport's OAuth plug-ins for GitHub, Google, and Twitter.

As a wiki farm host, you have to choose which authentication provider you want to use. You will need to register an application with the required identity provider, and configure the wiki server. See, configuring wiki-security-passportjs.

Although it is possible to configure multiple authentication providers, it makes advisable to only configure a single provider. This is to avoid confusing wiki users.