• 0.8.0-rc1-beta 473cae0146

    decentral1se released this 2023-07-26 07:19:32 +00:00 | 285 commits to main since this release

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    Thanks for testing ❤️ Due to #474, not every platform has a binary release. We're aiming to fix that for the v8 proper release. In the meantime, here's the docs from doing your own abra compilation.

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    • 152c5d45 feat: add machine output for recipe/upgrade
    • 31ec322c feat(deploy): set timeout via label (!290)
    • 18615eaa feat: post-deploy abra.sh hooks (!292)
    • 3753357e feat: show chaos status and chaos version
    • 611430aa feat: set chaos version label for each deployed or upgraded app
    • 9ade250f feat: add --tty flag to run commands from a script
    • d1202999 feat(list): show autoupdate state
    • 4f22228a feat: lint for lightweight tags
    • 049da946 fix: semver version ordering (!293)
    • 05821478 fix: better error message for missing local tag
    • 15a417d9 fix: fix output of chaos + chaos-version merge
    • 27cac818 fix: fix app list chaos field
    • 2da85989 fix: point to rc1 [ci skip]
    • 34b274bc fix: refactor upgradability list to make output easier
    • 3dc56628 fix: improved offline support
    • 6025ab44 fix: update volume list options.
    • 62f8103f fix: Add non-interactive mode.
    • 6974681a fix: improve error message
    • 69f38ea4 fix: always show overview, even with -f
    • 87e59093 fix: make -m imply -n in recipe/upgrade
    • 949510d4 fix: always clone latest recipe changes
    • 9e050004 fix(kadabra): always pull new recipe version
    • 9f478dac fix: list downgrades/upgrades in correct order
    • ab64eb2e fix: only use git to update local catalogue
    • b2739dcd fix(deploy): post deploy cmds
    • bdeeb759 fix: upgrade force logic parity with deploy force logic
    • c5d9d883 fix: add some minor tweaks to machine readable pathway in recipe upgrade
    • e4a89bcc fix(kadabra): only warn if a deployed app has no published release
    • ee4315ad fix(rm): remove volumes correctly during app removal
    • 343b2bfb docs: go doc badge [ci skip]
    • 497ecf47 docs: wording [ci skip]
    • 473cae01 build: replacements is deprecated
    • 0b67500c chore: add docker v24 and associated dependencies.