• 0.9.0-beta e3a0af5840

    0.9.0-beta Stable

    decentral1se released this 2024-03-12 09:12:51 +00:00 | 118 commits to main since this release


    • 3957b7c9 fix: proper env modifiers support
    • e9b99fe9 fix: make installer save abra-download to /tmp/ directory
    • ccf02154 fix: parse values starting with # correctly
    • 99e3ed41 fix: secret name generation when secretId is not part of the secret name
    • 4920dfed fix: retry docker volume remove (!399)
    • 66b40a91 fix: just run it in place [ci skip]
    • cea56ddd fix: drop deprecated stanza (goreleaser)
    • ca91abbe fix: correct append service name logic in Filters function (!396)
    • 15857e64 fix: clean up after cp'ing script [ci skip]
    • 0d83339d fix(ssh): increase connection timeout #482
    • 0643df6d feat: fetch all recipes when no recipe is specified (!401)
    • 7f7f7224 feat: diff on release flow
    • 254df7f2 feat: app cmd ls
    • 0a3624c1 feat: add version input to abra app new (!400)
    • af8cd1f6 feat: abra release now asks for a release note (!393)
    • d4727db8 feat: abra app logs shows task errors (!395)
    • 2de69343 feat: abra app cp enhancements
    • f96bf9a8 feat: recipe reset, recipe diff
    • 9affda8a chore: update godotenv fork commit pointer
    • cb49cf06 chore: drop old godotenv pointers [ci skip]
    • dcecf329 chore: bump version for installer script [ci skip]
    • e3a0af58 build: upgrade goreleaser
    • 31e0ed75 build: target for docker building
    • b1d3fcbb test: add integration test
    • 7b6134f3 feat: add bash completion for abra cmd