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# Gitea
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## Basic usage
1. Set up Docker Swarm and [`abra`][abra]
2. Deploy [`coop-cloud/traefik`][cc-traefik]
3. `abra app new gitea --secrets` (optionally with `--pass` if you'd like
to save secrets in `pass`)
4. `abra app config YOURAPPDOMAIN` - be sure to change `$DOMAIN` to something that resolves to
your Docker swarm box
5. `abra app deploy YOURAPPDOMAIN`
## Create first user
abra app run YOURAPPNAME app gitea -c /etc/gitea/app.ini admin user create --username USERNAME --admin --random-password --email EMAIL
See the [Gitea command-line documentation]( for more options. Make sure not to forget the `-c /etc/gitea/app.ini`.
## Enable SSH
You most certainly want to be able to access your repository over SSH. To do so, make sure you uncomment the right lines in the configuration for `traefik`.
abra app config YOURTRAEFIKAPP
There uncomment or add these lines:
Then redeploy traefik:
abra app undeploy YOURTRAEFIKAPP
abra app deploy YOURTRAEFIKAPP
You might need to wait a bit. To check if it worked, you can run
telnet 2222
Once you have added a public SSH key, you can check that you can connect to your gitea server with
ssh -T -p 2222
Note that gitea should be configured to listen to port 2222, i.e. `GITEA_SSH_PORT=2222` in the gitea config.