Web-based multiuser time-tracking application https://github.com/kevinpapst/kimai2
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Build Status

CoöpCloud Kimai

  • Category: Apps
  • Status: ?
  • Image: kimai/kimai2, 4, upstream
  • Healthcheck: No
  • Backups: No
  • Email: No
  • Tests: 2
  • SSO: No

Based on the recommended tobybatch/kimai2 compose file.

  1. Set up Docker Swarm and abra
  2. Deploy coop-cloud/traefik
  3. abra app new kimai --secrets
  4. abra app config YOURAPPDOMAIN - be sure to change $DOMAIN to something that resolves to your Docker swarm box
  5. abra app deploy YOURAPPDOMAIN
  6. abra app run YOURAPPDOMAIN app create_admin