Co-op Cloud

Public interest infrastructure. An alternative to corporate clouds built by tech co-ops. See organising for status.

The Co-operative Internet
Karrot is a free and open-source tool for grassroots initiatives and groups of people that want to coordinate face-to-face activities on a local, autonomous and voluntary basis.
Updated 2024-04-04 22:53:35 +00:00
An awesome, Online Office suite image suitable for home use.
Updated 2024-04-03 14:17:58 +00:00
Open source no-code database and Airtable alternative
Updated 2024-03-25 18:05:02 +00:00
Open source identity and access management
Updated 2024-02-08 17:37:37 +00:00
Insular email distribution - mail server as Docker images
Updated 2023-12-04 15:44:41 +00:00

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