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Build Status

Coöp Cloud + Wordpress = 🥳

  • Category: Apps
  • Status: 3, stable
  • Image: wordpress, 4, upstream
  • Healthcheck: Yes
  • Backups: Yes
  • Email: 3
  • Tests: 2
  • SSO: No

Quick start

  • abra app new wordpress
  • abra app config <app-name>
  • abra app secret generate -a <app-name>
  • abra app deploy <app-name>
  • abra app cmd <app-name> app core_install

Authentik Integration

abra app config <app-name> Configure the following envs:

AUTHENTIK_SECRET_NAME=authentik_example_com_wordpress_secret_v1  # the same as in authentik
AUTHENTIK_ID_NAME=authentik_example_com_wordpress_id_v1  # the same as in authentik

abra app cmd <app-name> app set_authentik

Running WP-CLI

abra app cmd <app-name> app wp -- core check-update --major

Network (Multi-site)

(Only tested using subdomains)

  1. Set up as above
  2. abra app config <app-name>, and uncomment the first # Multisite section
  3. abra app deploy <app-name>
  4. Log into the Wordpress admin dashboard, go to Tools » Network Setup
  5. Don't worry about the suggested file changes
  6. abra app config <app-name> again - comment out the first # Multisite section in .envrc, uncomment the # Multisite phase 2 section, and add your multisite subdomain(s) to EXTRA_DOMAINS (beware the weird syntax..)
  7. abra app deploy <app-name>

Installing a custom theme

abra app cp <app-name> ~/path/to/local/theme wordpress:/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/


There is a local or remote SMTP relay configuration available.

  • local: COMPOSE_FILE=compose.yml:compose.mailrelay.yml
  • remote: COMPOSE_FILE=compose.yml:compose.mailrelay.yml:compose.smtp.yml

Below are the instructions for the local relay.

  1. Deploy postfix-relay
  2. abra app config <app-name>, and uncomment the email lines; change MAIL_FROM to make sure the domain is the same as postfix-relay's $DOMAIN or in its $EXTRA_SENDER_DOMAINS
  3. abra app deploy <app-name>